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Kitchen exhaust air cleaner

Posted Oct 09, 2017 | Hits: 550
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Country: Bagmati
State: Kathmandu
Company Type: Manufacturer
Name of Company: Klean Environmental Technology
Designation: Sales Manager

1. Kitchen exhaust air cleaner has 98.2% removal efficiency
2. With compact appearance, Kitchen exhaust air cleaner looks classic and durable.
3. User-friendly operation which provides Kitchen exhaust air cleaner convenient operation modes.
4. Safe control system ensures Kitchen exhaust air cleaner even though is in a tough environment, it has high security.

Kitchen exhaust air cleaner Awards
1. The Kitchen exhaust air cleaner is CE proved, UL867, UL710 and IEC60335 tested, which ensures the internationally standard, safety and reliability of our easy-clean filter for smoke and mist.

2.ISO9001:2008 tested quality control system guarantees all raw materials are of internationally-familiar brand, and are processed by the numerical controlling system, all the finished products has aging test and trial operation, and all the sold products are guaranteed one year free repair and chargeable lifelong maintenance.

Why choose Kitchen exhaust air cleaner?
1) The first exhaust hood style Kitchen exhaust air cleaner in the world was born in Klean in 1993.Since 1992, we have been offering Kitchen exhaust air cleaner for 22 years.
2) Quality controlled: Every product takes an aging test before loading. Make sure the product operated safely for users.
3) Exquisite workmanship: Every product is processed by laser cutting, CNC bending, stamping technology. Make sure the precision of the Kitchen exhaust air cleaner.
4) Electric parts are essential. These ensure the steady performance and excellent quality of the Kitchen exhaust air cleaner.
5) Supply OEM service, according to customers' requests and offer professional advices.
6) Distributors offer: Welcome to be our distributor or agent.

Theory of Kitchen exhaust air cleaner
Kitchen exhaust air cleaner collects oil mist by filter cell when it is charged. Then oil mist will be ionized by negative part of the filter cell. The ionized particles of oil mist will migrate to the grounded collection plate and be captured. The particles will quickly collect on the plate, creating a dust layer, which can do by spraying it with a liquid. Then the liquid oil will outflow from the sewage outlet.

Kitchen exhaust air cleaner Technical Advantages
1. Filter cell
The filter cell of Kitchen exhaust air cleaner is made of stainless steel cathode needle, stainless steel spray bar and A3 sheet cover. The cylindrical honeycomb filter cell has a number of patented technologies have light weight, rigid, easily deformed and so on. It is convenient for the user to reduce the trouble of cleaning and maintenance.

2. Internal composition of Electrical box
Independent research and development of high frequency, high voltage power supply has strong power, energy efficiency advantages. Kitchen exhaust air cleaner also has a wide range of protection features including soft start, constant current output control, arc protection, multiple-discharge protection, high open-circuit protection, high voltage short circuit protection, overload protection and power transformer over temperature protection.

3. External control box
Regardless of the Kitchen exhaust air cleaner being installed on the floor or the ceiling in the kitchen ceiling, the external control box can be installed on the user's fingertips place. Meanwhile, outside the control box has a fan interaction, which works on electric start models to suit different requirements.

4. Cleaning tools
Special cleaning tools of Kitchen exhaust air cleaner not only erase the greasy oil easily, but save your precious time.

5. Auto control program
PLC controlled self-cleaning program is easy to maintain and substantially prolongs the cleaning cycle of the Kitchen exhaust air cleaner. Meanwhile that ensures long time operation without manual cleaning and considerable savings in maintenance cost.

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