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Digitech Rp-70 - Rs 11,000 - Bouddha, Jorpati

Posted Oct 09, 2017 | Hits: 742
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Country: Bagmati
State: Kathmandu
City: Kathmandu
Ad Type: Offering
Company Type: Supplier
Name of Company: Digitech

his guitar modeling processor is hot-rodded from the engine out. Powered by the new AudioDNA2â„¢ processor, the RP70 features your favorite boutique models including wah, stompboxes, amplifiers, cabinets, modulation effects, delays, reverbs, and special effects like DigiTech's Whammyâ„¢. Aside from an arsenal of models to choose from, the RP70 features tone and effect libraries allowing you to quickly program sounds with ease. Completing the RP70 are 100 aggressive sounding presets that appeal to today's modern players.
A/D Converter 24-bit High Performance Audio
Sampling Rate 44.1 kHz
DSP Section Audio DNA2â„¢ DSP Processor
Simultaneous Effects 9
Preset Memory 50 User Presets (1-50)/50 Factory Presets (51-00)
Drum Machine 40 Patterns
Dimensions 6.5" Length x 5" Width x 2" Height
Unit Weight .86 lbs.
Amp Models

'01 Mesa Boogie® Dual Rectifier
'57 Fender® Tweed Deluxe
'63 Vox® AC30 Top Boost
'65 Fender® Blackface Twin Reverb®
'68 Marshall® 100 Watt Super Lead (plexi)
'77 Marshall® Master Volume
'83 Marshall® JCM800
'96 Matchless HC30
DigiTech® Bright Clean
DigiTech® Clean Tube
DigiTech® Metal
DigiTech® Solo

9 Speaker Cabinets
1x12" '57 Fender® Tweed Deluxe Reverb®
2x12" '63 Vox® AC30 Top Boost w/Jensen® Blue Backs
2x12" '65 Fender® Blackface Twin Reverb™
4x12" DigiTech Metal
4x12" DigiTech® Bright Clean
4x12" DigiTech® Solo--
4x12" Johnson® Straight w/Celestion Vintage 30's
4x12" Marshall® 1960 Straight w/ Celestion® G12-T70--
Direct-No Cabinet

DigiTech® Full Range
Dunlop® Cry Baby™ Wah
Vox® Clyde McCoy™ Wah


DigiTech® Compressor

Noise Gate:

DigiTech® Auto Swell Gate
DigiTech® Silencer™ Noise Gate

Pickup Simulators:

Dreadnaught Acoustic
Single Coil


Boss® DS-1 Distortion
DOD® 250 Overdrive/Preamp
DigiTech® Death Metal™
DigiTech® Grunge®
Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff Pi®


Boss® CE-2 Chorus
DigiTech® Dual Chorus


DigiTech® Flanger


DigiTech® Phaser


DigiTech® Detune
DigiTech® Pitch Shift
DigiTech® Whammy


DigiTech® Panner
DigiTech® Rotary
DigiTech® Vibrato


DigiTech® Tremolo


DigiTech® Auto Yah
DigiTech® Envelope Filter
DigiTech® Step Filter
DigiTech® YaYa


3-Band EQ


Analog Delay
Digital Delay
Pong Delay
Tape Delay


DigiTech® Hall
DigiTech® Room
Fender® Twin Spring Reverb


20 Tone and Effects Libraries
100 presets (50 factory, 50 user)
5 seconds of delay time
40 High quality drum patterns
Separate ¼" Left and Right Outputs
Stereo 1/8" headphone output
Built-in chromatic tuner
Expression pedal input for Whammy, Wah and Volume
Power supply included

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