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Solar Water Heater

Posted Jun 22, 2017 | Hits: 214
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Country: Nepal
State: Bagmati
District: Kathmandu
City: Kathmandu
Ad Type: Offering
Company Type: Supplier
Name of Company: Green Suppliers
Designation: Managing Director

Solar Water Heater:
Always true to our principle for excellence in design and continuous advancements, Green Suppliers today offers high standard solar water heaters. Using the most economic and efficient technologies available we produce hot water from the sun. Green Suppliers can help you with fitting a solar water heating system to meet your specific needs, allowing you to realize immediate energy cost savings, lock in your long term energy costs, and helping protect our environment.

We have the solar water heater in two models, the 1st one is Stainless Steel and the 2nd is Color Coated with the vacuum tubes starting from 16 to 30 tubes having the tank capacity from 200 liters to 360 liters. The details are as below:

Technical Specifications:
Design: Vacuum Tube
Manifold(Interior): Copper Red
Manifold(Exterior): Aluminum Alloy
Tube Dimension(mm): 58mm x 1.8m /47mm x 1.5m
Heat Preservation: 72 Hours
Max Pressure: 6 Bars
Hail Resistance: 25mm
Coating: SS-C/CU
Heat Pipe: Anti-Freezing > -35 degree
Outer Tank: Stainless Steel/Colored Coated
Inner Tank: Stainless Steel
Insulation: 55mm
Tank Capacity: 200-360 ltrs.
Vacuum Tubes: 16-30 Tubes

Price Details:
S.N. Descriptions Price
1 16 Tubes-Colored Steel-200Ltr 38,200
2 16 Tubes-Stainless Steel-200Ltr 40,000
3 20 Tubes-Colored Steel-260Ltr 48,000
4 20 Tubes-Stainless Steel-260Ltr 52,000
5 24 Tubes-Colored Steel-300Ltr 57,600
6 24 Tubes-Stainless Steel-300Ltr 62,400
7 30 Tubes-Colored Steel-360Ltr 72,000
8 30 Tubes-Stainless Steel-360Ltr 78,000

Note: The above price doesn't include pipe & fittings, installation and delivery charges.

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